As an attorney of more than 10 years, I have seen all these problems play out before my eyes and it’s time for a change.

Many years ago, I crossed the Atlantic, like many before us, and landed on the shores of the United States-Just like the first settlers in this great land did. I was propelled, like the first settlers, by the burning desire for freedom, and for opportunity. In this land I would build a new life, work hard, raise a family, and give my children an opportunity to live a better life than that of my parents and myself.

I arrived by myself, worked hard, went to great American Schools, married, raised a family, became a successful professional, opened my own successful federal legal practice, bought a home in a great neighborhood and provided decent living for my children. This great country kept its promise to me. The promise is, and always should be, that if you come here legally, work hard, and play by the rules, you will surely be rewarded. I can tell you that I have reaped those rewards. I am living proof that America keeps its promises. I have however been disappointed in the last few years by the rapid degradation of our democratic institutions and the inability of Congress to get anything done. It’s time that changed.

I want to fight for a responsible solution to the chaotic and irresponsible immigration policies currently in place.

We need to protect American citizens as well as immigrant families from the ravages and excesses of irresponsible and counterproductive immigration policies. Immigrants play a critical role in the social and economic vitality of this nation and they should not be vilified. Immigrants are essential players as teachers, business leaders, professionals, Military, research, innovation, small business, healthcare, agriculture entertainment and hospitality industries. Deporting these hardworking members of our society is an assault on our economy. Of particular interest to me are the DREAMers (DACA)-Young people brought into this country as babies or young children. They have committed no crime. They have made this country their own and done exceptional things in their patriotic spirit. They made this country great. We have to support them because by doing so, we support America too. We also should not rip families apart or jail them in the name of immigration enforcement. We should only prioritize the immediate deportation of criminals.

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